Dr. Juma is a Pioneer and co-founder of strategic empowerment programs for women and men. Together with Rev. Dorcas, they founded the Esther’s Banquet Summit which has grown to become a global network known as Lift a Sister Global Network. This network has created a platform of engagement to matters family, relationships, psychosocial support, leadership and entrepreneurship. The family Enrichment programs like KOINONIA FELLOWSHIP for all the married has been established to help equip and empower those in marriage to raise godly families.

Dr. Juma also coordinates global initiatives like the Spiritual Midwives and Mordecai’s ministry for Apostle Robin and Pastor Paul Lacey. He serves as a special advisor to Various institutions and Groups.


His professional mediation and conciliatory skills have given him a cutting edge in Building Relational Capacities in families, Institutions, Professional bodies, Corporations, Small Business Owners, Government Agencies etc. His combination of humility and humour in presenting his  Message,Teachings and ability to apply to the daily life issues makes him one of the highest related speakers in professional and business Trainings.

The passion  and heart to see others lifted and succeeding has made him to be an outstanding mentor and leader. His commitment to develop a new generation of young leaders from various fields of life has won him Global recognition.

Corporate training and Consultancy

About GPP

GPP Life Solutions was founded in 2021 by collaborative effort of Dr. Ruben West (USA) and Dr. Juma Nashon (Kenya) as a Global consultancy company. It is registered as a limited company under the Company Act 2015, Laws of Kenya. It’s operations globally is multifaceted under the Global Partners and Purpose Network for optimization of global market opportunities and possibilities in business. GPP Life Solutions firm is dedicated in capacity building in the areas of, personal growth, skill development, market research, corporate training and creating a conducive environment for partnerships and investment linkages through civility based initiatives. We are a leading civility consultancy and training firm registered in Kenya with a global network to enhance partnerships and business growth options locally and globally. 


To be the global leader in creating and promoting market driven consultancy for enhancing business transformation and growth.


Our commitment is to provide high level training, coaching and capacity building to enhance business transformation and growth through linkages to African market, Global markets and investor engagement.

GPPLIFE Solutions Ltd Programs


This program is designed to be a global hub for business solutions .
It’s a Coaching and a strategic Connection platform which allows interested members to go through a 6 months IBCS Coaching.

This program is not just for capacity enhancement but also meant for facilitation of business matchmaking amongst the members.

The program was launched after the International Business Connection Summit held at Kenyatta University and linked over 150 businesses in Kenya, USA and other countries in July 2022.

All those interested for business coaching and to be part of the IBCS Global Business Fellowship are invited to register with the link below.


International Business Connection Summit (IBCS)

This is a business summit and conference which brings together regional and international business owners, corporates, coaches and investors for business networking, Co-investment opportunities and access to global market space. The participants gain valuable information to help them build and manage their businesses for growth and high profitability.

The Dynamic Christian Institute of Leadership

An empowerment training for church leaders and believers who are seeking to understand and grow in God’s word. It’s designed to establish them in the word of God and equip them to deliver a durable and impactive ministry. It’s meant to sharpen us and raise the next level leadership.