The Royal Fest

About EBS Royal Fest

The Esther’s Banquet Summit also known as EBS Royal Fest is a special Program spearheaded by the Sisterhood family in partnership with the Kavod Foundation and Springs of Love Fellowship.

The main vision for the EBS is to empower women and the entire royal family of God to preserve destinies of individuals, families and nations.

The EBS ROYAL FEST equips all participants with special boldness, insight and wisdom to handle all challenges that threatens destinies.

The mission of the EBS is patterned in the order of the biblical characters of Esther and Mordecai.
God is raising women who will get into the place of Prayer, receive his counsel and get pregnant with God’s will for the present generation.
Like wise, it’s also a season men are being called and raised to play the role of biblical Mordecai. Men are supposed to nurture and prepare their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers and women in general to step into their royal positions.
Men should assume the responsibility of training, mentoring and grooming Girls and Women with capacity to function in the palace.

The EBS Royal Fest has two celebrations and dimensions.
It’s first celebrated physically as a first Edition.
This is limited to the participants who are able to travel.

The EBS ROYAL FEST has its culmination virtually as the second edition.
This is a Global conversation that involves international speakers and experts exploring further on the Theme and specific topics under it. This year’s theme being Trained to Triumph Will be handled by phenomenal Speakers already ready to unpack specific aspects of turning troubles into triumph.
It would be a special moment for all participants to gain clarity to their destinies.
Particular emphasis will be in areas of relationship, Family, Marriage, Ministry, dominion in Market Place and leadership.

Speakers at the EBS GLOBAL VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2022

Dr. Nashon Juma

Host & Moderator

Dr. Dorcas Juma

EBS President & Host Speaker

Coach Edna Kangwana

Keynote Speaker

Sally Mahihu

Keynote Speaker

Pst. Terry Gabonga

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kathy Brown

Keynote Speaker


The EBS Global Virtual Summit is the second edition of the EBS ROYAL FEST which is physically celebrated annually in October This special program is an intervention to nurture and preserve destinies of individuals, families and nations. This is made possible by the Springs of Love Fellowship in collaboration with the Kavod Foundation and other Partners.


Trained to Triumph


8th- 13th. November 2022


8:00pm to 9:30pm Kenya Time / 10:00am - 11:30am EST


8th- 13th. November 2022


Kshs. 1,000

Register for the

To Register for the EBS GLOBAL VIRTUAL SUMMIT, go to M-Pesa, Make Payment using either the TILL NUMBER or PAY BILL and ACCOUNT NUMBER details below, then enter the M-Pesa Transcation Code while filling the form below. Kindly sms your payment message to 0797064954
For All our USA partners and friends: Registration is $20 Send to: CashApp $kathyBartonBrown