About Juma Nashon

Ambassador Juma Nashon in his resilience has build his own bridge and created his own future to become a global voice and influencer. He faced his first blow to his vision at age 15 years when he dropped out of High school due to lack of school fees.

Compelled by the harsh circumstances at home, he decided to vent for himself through doing menial tasks and casual jobs that helped him raise his fees to pursue his education goals and life dreams.

He is a Global Peace Ambassador with the Universal peace Federation (UPF) and a World Civility Leader with I Change Nations. His appointment to be the Global Youth Civility Spokesperson by the I Change Nations President, Ambassador Sir Clyde Rivers, has given him an opportunity to impact millions of young people around the world.

Through his Courageous Conversations initiative with the Young people and the J is Not Silent Show , Dr. Juma has been able to raise and mentor young leaders across the continent. He has been able create platforms for respectful engagement to enable learning and optimization of talent and skills. The younger generation have realization, identification, leverage of their innovative skills and leadership skills.

Ambassador Juma’s speaking engagements, presentations and mentorship imparts great insight for the young people to be able to apply their acquired skills and knowledge into productive ventures and investments in their communities and Nations.

Ambassador Juma has received several awards in relation to his exemplary leadership and mentorship endeavors.

He is a recipient of the I Change Nations World Civility Ambassador Award, the Astell Collins Global Inspiration Award as a Generation Leader, Stars of humanity Award from Abdullghani Yahya Al-ebarh Nobel Peace Prize, international Humanitarian Medal, Men of Worth award from Every Girl Wins Institute and the Uncommon leader award from the Kavod Foundation. The Exemplary Servant Leader Award from the VCBC

He has succeeded to grow strategic partnerships through the Global Partners and Purpose network that is transforming the market place, Building human capital and connecting Many individuals to their respective Place of Productivity.

His efforts in changing lives and building Christian impactful ministries earned him a honorary Doctorate in Christian Leadership from The International Graduate College and Seminary, this apart from his academic accomplishments in Theology, Project Management and Mediation.

World Civility Leader

Dr. Juma Nashon is an Author, a result-oriented leader, an innovative builder of organizations with highly analytical decision-making abilities. He is widely respected in his leadership and, Business and Development programs. He champions the market place redemption by challenging faith based organizations to be more vibrant for market share. He is passionate in building global synergies for growth and sustainability of businesses for social transformation. His philosophy of Honesty Wins has positively impacted the businesses and society at large to become more ethical and more productive in deliverables Born in Lwanda village in Bungoma County, Kenya, Dr. Juma attended his primary education in Lwanda primary school and his High school at Chesamisi Boys High School. His first blow in Education happened at the age of 15 years when he dropped out of his high school three times due to lack of school fees. In his resilience to pursue his dream, he managed to work as a casual Laborer while educating himself to university level. In recognition to his academic Excellence, Dr. Juma earned his first two degrees in Bible Theology and Christian Ministries from East University and Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary respectively. He earned his post graduate Diploma in project management with certifications in monitoring and evaluation from Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). He studied Professional Mediation at Nazarene University. He holds a Human Resource Business Professional Certification from MacNel Consult Ltd with his honorary doctorate in Christian Leadership from United Graduate College and Seminary International (UGCSI). All these have given him a cutting edge in building human capital


Amb. Juma has written several articles for Christian ministries, leadership, youth mentorship and relationship. He has authored five books already in print and six others that are yet to be printed. Among the books he has authored includes; Life without regrets, The Youth compass for conquerors, The Uncommon and Distinct Woman, Servant Leadership.

The books that are yet to be printed includes; The Singles Manifesto, The Heart of Civility, The Rudiments of Women that Triumph, The Super Youth Generation and The Mathematics of a Happy Marriage.


Dr. Juma is also the founder and President of Kavod Foundation – A humanitarian and charity Organization that is dedicated to build the dignity of the disadvantaged in the society by enhancing their livelihoods. As a leadership mentor, Dr. Juma is passionate to see a new generation of leaders that have integrity at heart with a result Producing mindset. His trainings are geared towards building the currency of trust and integrity. Dr. Juma has established partnerships through his relational trust and networking abilities which have enabled the establishment of Community biased projects like the CPP that is offering food security, solar energy option, education and economic empowerment to poor families in the villages. Other projects include school playground and modern educational facilities. Under his leadership and oversight, the Springs of Love Fellowship Church in partnership with the Kavod Foundation and friends have established an education complex called Glorious Life Learning Centre to offer quality meaningful education in the community Through the Kavod Foundation, Dr. Juma has Successfully implemented the Food Bank Initiative with focus on food distribution mission for hunger alleviation to vulnerable families and disadvantaged individuals. Dr. Juma specializes in training, building synergies and creating platforms of engagement, expressions and strategic partnerships for delivery of needed products and services. As a matter of fact, He is Host to Jis Not silent and Courageous Conversations Shows that articulates civility and youth matters during his power talks in the media space. He is the Founding CEO of a Training and Civility Consultancy firm called GPPLife Solutions Ltd based in Nairobi Kenya. In 2019, Dr. Juma was appointed and awarded the Global Peace Ambassador with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). He was also appointed in 2021 as the special advisor for Youth Civility with the Change Nations Organization. He founded the international Youth Civility Day held annually on 1st Augustin Celebration of the young people’s ideas, talents, skills, productivity, art, innovation and creative living for a prosperous future. Dr. Juma is a recipient of the Astel Collins Global Inspiration Award, Stars of Humanity Award, the International Humanitarian Medalist, the Mental Real of State Global Impact Award and the men of worth award from Every Girl Wins Institute.